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Weimaraner Rescue of Texas is excited to present our 2019 Calendar Photo Contest!


We know our Weimaraners are super photogenic and full of crazy antics, so let's make them calendar stars! Submit your best Weimaraner Rescue of Texas alumni (or current foster) photos for a chance to be in our 2019 calendar. Next, share with your family and friends, and get them to vote for your Weim to be a star in our calendar! Each vote costs $1, and all proceeds will go towards caring for rescued WRT Weimaraners. 



The 25 photos with the most votes will appear in the calendar as detailed below. Each will also get a complimentary calendar and will be highlighted on our Facebook page during their featured month. In addition, any photo with over 75 votes (even if not in the top 25) will receive a complimentary calendar.


Cover – Most votes
January 2019* – 2nd most votes
February 2019* - 3rd most votes
March 2019* - 4th most votes
April 2019* - 5th most votes
May 2019* - 6th most votes
June 2019* - 7th most votes
July 2019* - 8th most votes
August 2019* - 9th most votes

September 2019* - 10th most votes
October 2019* - 11th most votes

November 2019* - 12th most votes

December 2019* - 13th most votes
January 2020 photo collage – 14th – 25th most votes


*WRT reserves the right to change month assignment based on any holiday themed photos that win in the contest. 




  • Photo submissions are between July 1, 2018 - July 29, 2018 11:59:59PM.

  • Voting is between July 1, 2018 - July 31, 2018 11:59:59PM.

  • Contest ends July 31, 2018.  All winners will be notified on August 1, 2018.

  • Each photo submission costs $5. You may only win one of the calendar prizes per dog entered. The same dog may not win two prizes.

  • Each vote costs $1.  Please see the Prizes page for top vote prizes.

  • If you submit a photo, you will be able to send links to friends and family to encourage voting.  On your submitted photo's page, there is a "share" button that you may use to share on social media to encourage voting.

  • WRT has final approval on all photos submitted and reserves the right to remove any photo with inappropriate content.

  • Weimaraner Rescue of Texas is a 501(c)(3) and donations are tax deductible per the applicable laws


Photos Submission FAQ's

What dogs are allowed?
Photos are required to have at least one WRT alumni or foster. If you have a photo with multiple dogs, please make sure the WRT alumni or foster is the main focus of the photo.  No humans, please.

What photos are not allowed?
Photos with humans are not allowed. No photos of dogs with red or glowing eyes will be approved. Also, photos should not show any potentially offensive type collars, including shock, prong or choke collars.

Can I submit a photo in black & white or sepia toned? Or must all photos be in color?
You may submit either black & white, sepia toned, or color.

What quality of photo must I submit to ensure it will be good enough for the calendar?
Photos must be at least 200dpi.  Photos of lesser resolution may result in a photo that can't be resized for the calendar.  If you have any concerns, doubts, or would like to have confirmation that your photos are an appropriate size, please send to

Does WRT need the rights to my photos?
Yes, and when you submit your photos in the 2019 Weimaraner Rescue of Texas Calendar Photo Contest, the photos become the property of WRT, and WRT reserves the rights to edit the photos as necessary.

What about professional photos or photos taken by others?
You must own the rights to your photos in order to submit in the contest.  If you have professional photos or photos taken by others, you must have authorization in writing from the rights owner.  Said authorization will need to be submitted upon request.

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