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Adoption Forms

The instruction document and 4 forms included on this page are to be used by foster families as they complete the adoption paperwork for their foster’s pending adoption.  Please download the Adoption Day Instructions for directions on how to complete an adoption.  Then download each of the 4 forms, and fill them out with your foster’s information.  Print one copy of each document to be signed and given to the adopter.  The Dog Profile and Care Instructions can be saved to your computer and emailed to the Records Manager because they don’t require a signature.  After the adopter signs the Adoption Agreement and the Foster Care Agreement, you can either scan the signed copies or take a clear photo of them with your phone and email them to the Records Manager.  


If you have any questions about the forms or their functionality, please contact Stephany Bierman at


Adoption Day Instructions

Adoption Agreement

Foster Care Agreement

Dog Profile

Care Instructions

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