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Cooper - Forever Foster.jpg
Cooper - Forever Foster (2).jpg
Cooper - Forever Foster (3).jpg

Cooper came to WRT as a stray with severe ear hematomas, infections, skin problems, and was also underweight.  The vet determined he was 9 to 10 years old, deaf, and had rear hind quarter problems.  This poor guy was in rough shape, but WRT found the perfect foster for him.  This experienced foster knew he may or may not leave their home, but they were in it for the long haul.  Cooper has had ear reduction due to his extensive hematomas as they weighed over 1lb per ear and the foster reports “he is so much happier now”.  He is also on medication for his hind quarters.  All in all he is doing so much better since coming into rescue.  His foster also states: “We love him, he’s the sweetest baby, he’s lumpy and bumpy, but he’s been the best dog”.  And, he too had no takers for adoption with all his baggage, but the fosters have him and love him just as they said they would.  Lucky dog Cooper.

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