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Dixie will be 8 at the end of February 2022.  She came into rescue as a stray from the shelter and we could tell she had a rough life but loves people.  She was diagnosed with mammary tumors and heartworm disease.  She was placed in one of the best foster homes In Houston for all her medical care and recovery, but, she then started coughing and breathing heavily.  The foster knew something was wrong so WRT started investigating with the vet and that is when the tumor in her lungs was discovered.  The biopsy came back as cancerous and after a couple trips to the oncologist for recommendations and consultations (surgery or palliative care), the rescue decided that palliative care was better for a dog her age.  Dixie was then moved to a forever foster who could take care of her long term needs.  The foster reports that Dixie is doing well and is hopeful that the tumor is only growing slowly.  She is in a home with 2 other Weim buddies, so a lot of snuggling going on there.  The Foster reports: “ Dixie is a joy, craves attention, loves to be close to you, and is the most Loving Weim you have ever met.  She loves her walks that she gets every day and loves food time, like every Weim does”.   Way to go Dixie!

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