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Pixie - Pic5.jpg

Pixie is a 4 year old sweet little Weim.  She was surrendered to WRT back in 2018 with several medical conditions that were supposed to make her life very brief.  She has Cerebellar Hypoplasia and a significant heart murmur so she has been on a couple heart meds since coming into care.  In 2020 her brain condition started to progress when she began having seizures.  We knew the condition was progressing, but she was her happy turn-in-circles little self.  The vet started her on seizure medications and she has better control.  She has gone blind but still gets around like nobody's business.   Pixie has amazed the vets, WRT, and her foster.  Her seizures are getting more consistent but she and her big Weim buddy snuggle up and play together whenever she can.   Pixie has the wonderful care of a loving family that is working with all her medical issues and, when the time comes, will be with her to cross the rainbow bridge.

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