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What is it like to foster a Weimaraner?  Here are a few testomonials from some of our foster homes.


Most Rewarding Part of Rescue

I am asking everybody that has never fostered to PLEASE just try it. It is the most rewarding part of rescue. If I only had to choose one part of rescue it would be fostering.  Today I'm corresponding with an adopter that adopted one of my fosters a year ago and also another adopter that just adopted Niko from me last week. It is so great to know how much they love their adopted dog and how spoiled that dog is.  I know that I really made a difference in the lives of those dogs.  It's not an easy job but it's well worth it. Letting them go does get a little easier each time because I know that there is always another dog that will need me. I also know that I have made sure that they are going to a new home that is the right fit for them.  Please make it your New Year's resolution to foster a dog. No excuses!!!!

-Kathy I


Fostering:  A Service for Humans Too

Taylor and I have had the very same rewarding experiences.  It does our hearts good to see the true weiminess appear in our fosters as they overcome poor health and begin to trust humans once again.  We like this volunteer opportunity and for the first 2+ years we thought of fostering as a great thing to do for the homeless weims who needed loving families. 


One day we suddenly realized that we had been providing volunteer service for humans too - those who needed loving companions for themselves and for their family members!  Why it took us so long to figure that out, I'll never know.  We continue to hear from those who have adopted our fosters, receive photos of the happy weims and their humans, and hear about how much love the weims have brought to their lives. 


Just look at the new calendar and you'll see 13 testimonies to the importance of fostering.  So, we add our encouragement to that from Kathy - please give fostering a try.  It will be one of the most important things you'll do for others.


Happy Tails to You,

Cathy and Taylor


Gracie's Mark

My foster stories have been about the same.  It has been a pleasure and a very rewarding experience with some heartache along the way.  I have come home sometimes to absolute chaos cause I left the dogs where they could get at all those tasty couch pillows. I still have a pair of flip flops that have the mark of sweet Gracie - but every time I wear them I think about her, and I don't think I'll every throw them away for that reason:) Then you get an email from a proud parent with pictures of one of those dogs that have come through your life and it makes your entire day! 

-- Laurie W

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