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Teach your Dog how to “Get Down” this Holiday Season!

By Julie Roller, WRT Trainer


It's the holiday season!  Commence celebrations with family and friends, lots of yummy food, presents, and lots of frustration if you do not have a well-behaved pooch! The holidays are rough on everyone, your pets included, and the stress of many visitors in the home can highlight undesirable behaviors. How many of us have gone to visit family for friends on the holidays and have experienced an improper greeting – a dog that jumps up over and over trying to get attention? Are they big enough to knock you or your children to the ground while trying to say hello? Maybe you have to lock your own dogs away because you are embarrassed how they act when you have company? This creates added stress on you and your dogs, and it never really fixes the problem. Your dog stresses because he is locked away from the people that he loves, and you stress because you feel guilty locking him away.

A Lesson in Becoming Alpha


By:  Vicki Rodenberg De Gruy

•    "My dog just tried to bite me! All I did was tell him to move over so I could sit on the couch next to him."
•    "My dog got into the trash can and when I scolded her, she growled at me. What's wrong with her? I thought she loved me!"
•    "Our dog is very affectionate most of the time but when we try to make him do something he doesn't want to do, he snaps at us."

Housetraining Basics


House soiling is a spatial problem, wherein a dog has been allowed to eliminate in the wrong place, thus establishing a toilet status quo, which heralds many more mistakes to come, as the dog develops a strong preference for eliminating on carpets indoors. Now, before you get angry at your dog, perhaps we should consider: Who let an unhousetrained dog have free run of the house? I rest my case. Bad owner, Baaad owner!


1. Prevent mistakes at all cost!

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