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Housetraining Basics

House soiling is a spatial problem, wherein a dog has been allowed to eliminate in the wrong place, thus establishing a toilet status quo, which heralds many more mistakes to come, as the dog develops a strong preference for eliminating on carpets indoors. Now, before you get angry at your dog, perhaps we should consider: Who let an unhousetrained dog have free run of the house? I rest my case. Bad owner, Baaad owner!


1. Prevent mistakes at all cost!


2. Teach your dog the right place to eliminate by giving it a treat and lots of praise for doing so. Why use treats and praise? Once your dog realizes it can cash in urine and feces for food treats and praise, your dog will want to eliminate outside, since soiling the house does not have comparable fringe benefits (as your puppy gets older and starts to get the hang of it, start eliminating the treats and just giving praise).


Preventing mistakes is a simple endeavor: When leaving your unhousetrained dog unattended for lengthy periods (one hour or longer), confine it to a crate. A crate serves as a "den" for a dog. Dogs do not soil in their own den. This will teach your dog to hold it until it leaves its crate. BUT, AS SOON AS YOU LET YOUR DOG OUT OF ITS CRATE TAKE IT STRAIGHT OUTSIDE. If you don't, you will be guaranteed a nice "present" to clean up AND ... it will be your own fault. It is important to remember that no matter what age, as soon as you let your dog out of its crate it will need to relieve itself.


Younger puppies that are unable to hold it as long because their bladders are not big enough yet may soil either at the back or front of the crate (the opposite end of where they sleep). Not to worry, your puppy will grow out of this.


As soon as your dog has finished eating/drinking, it will need to relieve itself. As soon as your dog wakes up from a nap, it will need to relieve itself. And I mean right away - NOT DURING THE COMMERCIAL !!!


Another thing to remember, if you can't see your dog, its probably hiding around the corner relieving itself.


Good luck, and please remember to call us with any questions you may have (972) 994-3572!!! Whether your baby is 8 weeks or 8 years old, we are ALWAYS here to help!!


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