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Norwex Fundraiser


Local Houston Friends: Please join us at Margaret's home on Sunday, June 5th at 2pm where Emily will show us all how to clean our homes safely and quickly with Norwex using just microfiber and water. 

Remote Friends: Emily will be posting information and products here on this page where you can ask questions and participate virtually. 

Donations to Weimaraner Rescue of Texas: 20% of all sales in this party will be donated to rescue to help us take in weims that need our help and pay for their vetting and ongoing care. AND any parties scheduled from this one will have 10% of their sales donated - so host your own and keep on giving! 

About Norwex:
Norwex cleaning products allow you to clean your home effectively, safely and quickly. You'll save time and money and feel great about cleaning with just water while removing EVERYTHING from your surfaces (yes, even bacteria)! 

Can’t attend? 
Pre-orders are welcome. Just fill out the ORDER FORM

All orders must be submitted by Wednesday, May 25th at 8pm CST.


So, come join us to learn how you can clean your home (and yourself!) with just water. Norwex offers unique products that are safe for your whole household, including our furry friends. Get rid of toxic cleaners once and for all! Who will join us?

For those wanting to browse ahead of time, here is the ONLINE CATALOG

Feel free to post questions leading up to the party!

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