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Ellie is 14 years old and came into WRT when her owner passed away.  WRT found out the owner wanted his pets to be euthanized when he passed, but his family stepped in and got Ellie to WRT.  Unfortunately, Ellie also came with some health issues: coughing , overweigh, incontinence, progressive kidney disease and a diagnosis of Cushing's Disease.  She was immediately put in with an experienced Foster who could manage Ellies conditions.  Her Fosters just love her.  She loves to roll around in the grass and enjoys a good back and belly rub.  She sleeps right next to Mr. and Mrs. Foster on her dog bed along with her other Weim Fur Mates Mojo (11) and Nikki (7).  Ellie also enjoys the company of other WRT Fosters when there is room. 


Ellie has a loving home and family to take care of her numerous medical and emotional needs.  As her Fosters have told us, “My husband and I love the seniors and said yes immediately”.

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