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Zoe - Pic2.JPG

Zoe is the forever foster queen!  She will be 16 in June.  She came into the WRT due to the death of her owner.  What was thought to be her sister (Chloe) came in with her at the same time and they were a pair.  The owner that died had a friend that fostered them for WRT while we tried to get them adopted but no one seemed to want them together as they were bonded.  Unfortunately, that foster also passed away so they had no place to go.  One of our sweet senior fosters took them both home to foster to give them the most loving home they could have ever want.  In fact, that foster ran a DNA on them and found out they were mother and daughter not sisters as previously thought.  Unfortunately Chloe developed cancer and passed away leaving Momma Zoe by herself.  We call her the “lumpy lady” because she has so many fatty lipomas that you can’t find her body sometimes.  But she is the most loving old girl to ever live.  Zoe loves to lick every dog’s ears that come to visit.   Her mobility is quite tough and challenging now but she still goes on walks every day and loves to smell every little thing as she strolls along.  Zoe is indeed loved and her foster has generously donated all her medical and living care over the years.

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